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Success in IELTS TOEFL PTE and SAT is a function of using the right techniques. ‘Practice with the purpose’ – can help you learn those techniques, and develop the right approach!


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SAT 1450  TOEFL 111        Vedant is a bright student. He was very clear from the very beginning that he wanted to pursue his graduation from US. Keeping this goal in mind, he started preparing for SAT and TOEFL right after class 8.
Vedant took his first SAT right after 9th standard. This gave him the necessary experience to develop the right approach.
Early start helped him to go confidently in the direction of his dreams.

IELTS General 8 Bands in first attempt

Inderjeet is disciplined software professional.Her command over English was good; however, she was not aware of the dynamics of the test. During coaching, she focused on learning the right approach towards the test. Most importantly, she focused on time-management skills. Inderjeet was quite confident after doing a couple of mock tests. She scored 8 bands in her test in the very first attempt.

This helped her develop the necessary confidence to complete the test in the given time-span. Interestingly, she used her free time (daily commuting time of around 1 hr in bus) to prepare for the test.

Hina from Banglore (Online IELTS course) 7.5 bands


Hina is a software professional from Banglore. She did our online IELTS course in the month of September. The quality that distinguishes her is her handwriting and vocabulary. She further augmented her skills of time management to score the desired bands.


Sasikala from Chennai, is a healthcare professional. She achieved her target of scoring 7 bands, in her first attempt. During her course she rigorously worked on her speaking and writing skills to get the desired scores.


PTE Writing 85, Speaking 90, Listening 90, Reading 90

Aseem is a software professional from Singapore. He had taken PTE test earlier also, but the results were not as expected. He is a fighter a person with the right attitude to win.His English skills were impressive, but he needed to work on small slips in grammar. During the passage of his coaching, he practiced diligently – specially on writing skills.Aseem developed and mastered the right templates to portray his ideas in a creative way. The templates he learnt helped him to finish the writing test before time. He completed writing the essay in 14 minutes, and he could give 6 minutes to check his essays and do necessary corrections.His success can be attributed to his positive attitude and correct approach towards the test.


IELTS Crash Course – Scored 7 bands


Arjun is a young graduate with interests in website designing and finance. He had very less time to prepare for his IELTS exam. So, he was skeptical about his results.

After finishing the course Arjun learn the right techniques to take the test.He successfully cleared the test with 7 bands in IELTS Academic.During coaching, Arjun showed a lot of interest in learning. He was sincere, always very punctual and very polite.Thanks to his positive attitude and dedication, he learnt very quickly.

Jatin a young graduate from Delhi, scored 7 bands in IELTS Academic in his first attempt. During training, he learnt the time management techniques which were particularly helpful in the reading section.

IELTS Online Course Particiapnt Socred 8 Bands in his first attempt!

Yash Vaghani, our star performer from Mumbai, took our special Writing course. He scored 8 bands in writing and overall 8.5 bands in IELTS.


Maninder Kohli, a software programmer from Gurgaon, scored 8 bands in IELTS in his first attempt.

His systematic approach and rigorous practice helped him learn the right techinques.


Yash Vaghani (8.5) in IELTS in 1st attempt





 Name Course Score
Sonika Phagut IELTS General 8.5 (All tions above 7)
Hemant Mittal IELTSAcademic 8 (All Sections above 7)
Roshni (OnlineIELTS course from Mumbai) IELTS Academic 7 bands in her first attempt
Maninder (Online IELTS) IELTS General) 8 bands in first attempt
Yash Vaghani (Online IELTS Writing) IELTS General Overall 8.5 bands; Writing 8 Bands
Ashish Rai IELTS General 7.5 (All Sections above 7)
Rajneesh Bharadwaj IELTS General 7 (All sections above 7)
Simran IELTS(Academic) 8 (All sections above 7)
Gurpreet IELTS(General) 7 (All sections above 7)
Abhinav Khandelwal IELTS(General) 7 (All sections above 7)
Soumen IELTS(General) 7.5 (All Sections above 7)
Anil Sharma PTE 65 or above in all sections
Rohit PTE 65 or above in all sections
Nitin Bose PTE  (Online Course) 78 or above in all sections
Anup Nair GRE 310/340
Deepesh PTE 84+ in all sections
Vedant SAT 1450
Dhruv SAT 1480

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