Reading Strategies and Tips – Prepare, Practice, Succeed!

Reading strategies to speed up and get the right answers.

Reading – Tips

9 bandsi in ielts reading
Inderjeet scored 9 bands in reading
9 bands in reading
9 bands in reading

Reading is an intense exercise. It calls for concentration and undivided attention. People who are not accustomed to reading find it difficult to develop this skill. Consistent efforts and practice with purpose yields results.

The right strategies can help you gain speed and accuracy. Learn them, practice them, apply them!!

  • Develop interest in reading.
  • First focus on precision, then focus on speed.
  • Practice using different types of passages
  • Focus on -STOP
    • Scope,
    • Tone,
    • Organization
    • Purpose
  1. Fill up the blanks – Tips

    1. Note the maximum number of words / numbers acceptable
    2. Understand the context
    3. Understand the type of word (noun / verb / adjective / number)
  2. MCQs – Tips

    1. Paraphrase and predict
    2. Read the options later
    3. Select the right option
    4. Process of Elimination ( POE)

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  1. True / False /Not Given – Tips

    1. Look for evidence
    2. If there is a clear evidence to support / contradict the statement – True / False
    3. Else, Not Given
    4. Even when there is a possibility of True / or False [under different situations].. the answer will be not given



Text: Aryans are native Indians

Question: Aryans are found only in India.

  1. Match the heading – Tips

    1. Read one paragraph at a time..
    2. Look at the whole paragraph not individual lines.
    3. Paraphrase it to get the essence of it
    4. Match with the options

If two answers seem to be right.. Select both of them first and later you can do a tug-of-war to select the best one.

First Precision Than Speed

First focus on getting the questions right. Speed is always a result of practicing he skills for a reasonably long time. So, regular practice will make you fast.

Thus, you will do well to just do away with the watch during the initial phase of your preparation. Your focus should be to the questions right.

You will develop speed by practicing regualry.

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