The Right Approach To Ace The Tests

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The Right Approach To Ace The Tests

Every test is unique, and so it is advisable to get acquainted with its format first. This enables you to identify areas of opportunities, and plan your preparation.

The best way to start is by taking a mock test.

SAT Sample Test

IELTS Sample Test

GRE Sample Test

PTE Sample Test

Remember, practice with purpose yields results.

  • Take a Mock Test
  • Identify areas of opportunities
  • Practice essay writing using standard formats
  • Maintain a Corrections – Log
  • Practice With Purpose
  • First Focus on Precision, then on speed
  • Take Mock Tests in simulated environments
  • Practice different varieties of essays
  • Listening can be a great way to improve pronunciation and improve vocabulary
  • Make learning partners and speak with them
  • Use your free time to watch ted videos
  • Watch 7 rules of learning English by AJ Hog
  • Make a list of these rules and practice them as often as you can
  • A logical sequence of practice would be
    • Reading Listening Writing Speaking
      • Reading and Listening help you develop the right accent and vocabulary
      • Which can be helpful in Writing and Speaking
    • Thus first reading and listening and then writing and speaking
    • Make a list of standard phrases with one or two sentences on them
    • Remember the rule of Practice With Purpose

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