To Improve ‘Speaking’ – Practice ‘Writing’


Writing can be a way to improve speaking. Let’s See How..

The ground rules of writing and speaking are the same….

Firstly, is supposed to be succinct and clear.
Secondly, one is supposed to use appropriate vocabulary,
Thirdly, one is supposed to show grammatical range and accuracy,
and lastly, it is desirable to write or speak in an engaging way.

Thus, by practicing writing you improve speaking.

So, it my advise is to work on writing first!!

When you write, you can think and decide about about the best way to express your thoughts.  You do not get this opportunity while speaking because speaking is spontaneous.

Further, you can also go back and correct yourself. In fact you prepare and train your subconscious  to organize your thoughts and put them in an interesting and engaging manner.

So, make effective communication a your  ‘natural style’.

Start with writing, to improve your speaking.

So ‘writing’ can be an effective way to improve ‘speaking’!!!


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