IELTS Academic – Writing Part 1

IELTS Academic Writing Part 1:

The overall design of writing test

The writing test of IELTS academic comprises of two sections

Task 1: Analyse a Graph

Task 2: Write an Essay

The right approach to analyse the question

scored 7 bands in ielts
7 bands in ielts academic

The first step is to understand the nature of the question. In task one you may either get a diagram or a graph. Your approach to write the answer  would depend upon the nature of question.

There are certain steps which are common

  • Identify trends

    Something increases / decreases / shows a fluctuating pattern

Identify Highlights

Which are the most important observation

Draw Comparisons

  • Any contrasting features – while a shows a rising patter, b shows a falling pattern,
  • while a first increased and then decreased, b first increased and then decreased.

Steps to follow

  • Analyse the question
  • Make some rough notes
  • Make sure you identify trends comparisons and highlights
  • Write in brief (150 words)

Time Management

  • 20 minutes is the time in which you should try to finish this test.
  • Don’t think too much while doing the test – write quickly
  • Learn formats and use them
  • Make a list of words to highlight trends comparisons and highlights and use them.

Here is a complete tutorial for you to download for learn and practice task 1.

Graphs Learning By Examples


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