Essay For Practice – Why People Attend College

Why people attend a college?

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A line on its history from the time.. college graduates were a rare entity and highly respected.. my father was the only pg in his villege 40 yrs back… now it is common..

Persuit of higher learning and  jobprospects propel some to join a college..

Management colleges provide a good alumni..

Plethora of reasons…

Nuptial bonds… status symbol.. foreign digree.. exposure.. learning never ends.. explore and expand horizons..

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College- the abode of higher education, attracts different people for different reasons. Quest of higher education, opportunity to be a part of elite alumni, bright career prospects in the knowledge industry, making good friends and having fun in a vibrant environment  – are a few to quote.  Let us explore and understand various factors that drive people to college-education.

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Reason 1: Higher Education

Historically, pursuit of knowledge has been the top driver. The legendary story of Gandhi going to South Africa to study law is well known. The trend still continues with an enormous number of young aspirants heading towards foreign shores in their endeavor to earn a foreign degree. 

Reason 2: Career

To many a college degree is a ticket to a promising career and hence a respectable life.My grandfather used to tell me that he was the only boy in his village to earn a graduate degree enabling him to secure a high paying job in the district court. His father took pride in his accomplishments. The scenario has not changed much since then.

Reason 3: Friends and Fun

Last but not the least, for a young hearts full of dreams and aspirations- college is- ‘the place to be’. Movies like ‘Three Idiots’ vividly depict how young men and women enjoy their college days and make life-long friendships there. It is rightly quipped that – ‘a student may leave the college; but the college never leaves a student’.

To sum up, college is like a sojourn (short break) in the journey of life. This hiatus helps to gain knowledge and meet wonderful men and women who may not live with us forever but become an inseparable part of our lives.


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