Consistency Vs Intensity – Intellectual Osmosis

Consistency progress is better than one time intense work

What is consistency

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Consistency is the skill of making small progress on a daily basis. Revising your skills and lessons learnt. Practicing them and sharpening them on a daily basis.

It is fun to see yourself one ladder up every day. It keeps you motivated and hopeful. Most importantly, it becomes a habit after some days. So, improvement becomes like a daily routine. You internal system becomes primed to make you successful.

What is intensity

Intensity is avoiding a daily practice and thinking that one day of intense practice can make up for it. Most of us used to work intensely a day before the exam. It does lead to a lot of tension, a day before the exam. We tend to forget stuff as brain is not relaxed.

Have you ever experienced forgetting certain answer right in the exam hall. The answer about  which you were absolutely sure. Well, it happened with me many times.

The reason we forgot the answer was that it was still a part of our conscious memory. It was not a part of our intuitive-system or in other words a part of subconscious.

Intellectual Osmosis

Intellectual Osmosis is the process which we use for learning a new skill. It is the process by which the subconscious, registers something permanently. It is a slow process because subconscious notices and remembers something only after a number of repetitions.

Thus, converting a practice into a skill takes time; and the only way to convert a practice into a skill is through repetition.

No wonder, repetition is regarded as the mother of all skills.

To sum up

  1. Consistency is more important than intensity,
  2. Repetition helps to convert practice into a skill,
  3. Practice daily to train your subconscious.


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