ielts essay sample – important things are free

Some people think that most important things in life are free and can not be  bought.

To what extent do you agree?

Money can not buy everything. This is especially true for those things which are related to our sense of well-being. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this topic from all perspectives.

What is the cost of true friendship? How much will you pay for mother’s love? Can someone buy you peace of mind? Well, these are a few invaluable assets that do not come with a price tag. Blessed are those who are able to realize this truth and value these most important gifts of life, that are absolutely free.

Similarly, gifts of nature such are rivers, mountains, a cool breeze of air, and good-health are absolutely free. Likewise, our body and sense-organs, the most sophisticated machines  come totally free to us.

The purpose is not to undermine the importance of assets  that can be bought with money. However, it is clear beyond doubt that money can not buy the most important things in life.

Ironically, people give more importance to money and the associated luxuries of life. People are so busy in the pursuit of happiness that they forget to be happy. Surprisingly, there is no finish line of this rat-race. One target leads to another big target and people get caught in the vicious cycle, chasing the mirage of ‘things that can make them happy’.

To conclude, the priceless gifts of life do not come with a price-tag. It is time we realize this cardinal rule.


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