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ielts essay – How to control industrial pollution

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Most people pay taxes to contribute to the development of their country, however, some think they have other responsibilities in addition to paying taxes.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Undeniably, pollution is a grave concern. As far as the question of taxing the industries is concerned, it can be one of the ways to tame this monster. Let us dig deeper to explore the ways to alleviate this global problem.

To begin, taxing the industries can definitely help to a certain extent. Firstly, it will generate necessary funds to upgrade the existing infrastructure. Secondly, these funds can be invested to facilitate research to find advanced ways of pollution-control. Various educational and research institutions can be roped-in to come-up with more effective ways. Thirdly, it is a very fair policy. Industries which cause a lot of pollution, must also shoulder the responsibility to control it in some way.

However, there can be other ways also. Government can stipulate strict roles, for industries to invest in waste-treatment. Such a policy will promote prevention, and thus can be a more effective way to deal with the issue. To quote an example, lots of chemical factories dispose their wastes directly into water bodies – rivers, ponds etc. If these effluents are treated before disposing, it will prevent pollution on the first place. As it is commonly quipped – ‘prevention is better than cure’ – this can be a more effective way.

Further, norms can be laid for setting up industries in areas of less population. Outskirts of the city are more suitable for setting up refineries, and factories. If land is allocated on cheaper rates in the outskirts, it will incentivize industrialists to set-shop there, rather than in the heart of the city.

In essence, it takes more than simply taxing the industries to control industrial-pollution.

Understanding the topic

The topic specifically talks about industrial pollution. So it is advisable to focus on that only.. not pollution in general.

Further, it talks about controlling it through levying taxes. So we need to weave our arguments around this subject – can paying taxes alone help? Is it the only way or one of the ways? What can be other alternatives.

Vocabulary Note:

Undeniably: To state something which is obvious / a universal role / or a general trend

Undeniably, parents and teachers both need to work hand in hand to raise children.

Undeniably, knowledge of computers is indispensable for getting good job-offers.

a grave concern : a serious issue / something that requires

Problem of obesity is a grave concern.

Lack of infrastructure is a serious issue.

Tame the monster: deal with the problem

Education is indispensable, to tame the monster of unemployment.

Physical exercise is indispensable to tame the monster of obesity.


Alleviate this global problem

Good governance is necessary to alleviate the problem of bribery.


Back by / support / support financially

The government is backed by many industrialists.

Our college is backed by government.


To facilitate

Good schools are necessary to facilitate quality education.

Timely helped from my brother facilitated me to expand my business.


Can be roped-in : can be called / can be included

Many industrialists can be roped-in to invest in government schemes.

Many NGOs can be roped in to educate masses.

Retired doctors can be roped in to treat poor patients.


Come-up-with / introduce / bring forth something new

Government has come-up-with many schemes to help farmers.

My manager used to come up with innovative solutions to many elusive problems.

Shoulder the responsibility

Youngsters should shoulder the responsibility of supporting their old parents.

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