Essay Topic: Are online business meetings and training better than offline mode?

Essay Topic: Are online business meetings and training better than offline mode?


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Essay Topic: Are online business meetings and training better than offline mode?

Nowadays many business meetings and training are happening online and not in real offices. Do you think advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this matter?

Advantages…. 1. saves time of travelling.. 2. Saves money.. 3. saves energy.. saves paper.. 4. Anywhere anytime… learning… / 5. Pppl from diff areas.. 6. Lodging and boarding..
Disadantages.. 1. Personal touch.. 2. Dependency on computer, internet and electrictiy… 3. Confidential information may get leacked.. 4. Sub such as math etc.. might not be taught easily..5. we can not touch a product or equipment.. so we can not check the quality..


Intro… 3 line…a. state the obvious.. b. state your opinion.. c.. invite for futher discussion….

The advent of computer and internet have made online-learning and realtime-meeting easy and inexpensive. In my perspective this is a welcome change. Let us dig deeper to understand the benefits of this new trend.

In the yester-years organizing meetings or training sessions was an ardous task. Lot of preparation was required in arranging the logistics. First of all, appropriate venue was required. Secondly, expenditure on arranging conference-rooms used to be very high. Futher, people needed to travel to the venue. Many participants used to hate travelling from one city to another, just to attend a session for a few hours. Not just the participants, the same problems were faced by trainers or the conveners of meetings also. In short, organizing and mangaging such sessions was a nightmare.

However, internet and online meeting softwares have changed the whole landscape. More meetings and trainings are conducted online, than face-to-face, these days. To quote an example, I learnt German from a native through online mode. I searched for a good trainer in Delhi, but he was located very far, and he quoted exorbitant (excessive) (very high) fees. Thankfully, I got introduced to a German native, who agreed to teach me at lower-rate. I am enjoying my training, and I am learning really quickly. Similarly, in my office, we conduct meetings with our branches in other coutries, through online-applications. I find it very easy and as effective as fact-to-face mode. Organizing the meeting is quite easy now. In other words, online mode is actually a blessing-in-disguise, as it helps to save time, energy and money.

To conclude, it is obvious that online-meetings and training-sessions socre higher than the offline mode, in todays world.

To conclude, boudaries are no more the barriers in the modern world. Internet has bridged the gaps between geographies. I tend to believe that online mode is a better way to conduct meetings and coachings, than the old modes.

blessing in disguise
logistics: vyavastha…
yester years
ardous task: difficult task
changed the whole landscape

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