Should airlines be free from government regulations – IELTS Essay

Some people think that air travel should grow without government regulations, while others believe that governments regulate them. Discuss both views and give your own opinion..

Rough Draft

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Government should regulate it… (control it… regulate it…

  1. For air traffic control…
  2. To prevent any mal practices.. and
  3. Over charge the customers..

 Grow without any regulations.. autonomous.. governed by their own rules.


  1. they know their business well.. restrictive..
  2. the ticket prices might be less.. if there is no minimum price / barrier.
  3. it may lead to price war and some airlines may suffer losses..


Conclusion: To conclude, I strongly advocate that Airline industries should be given autonomy to operate their business..

 Intro… 3 lines..

  1. State the obvious
  2. State your opinion
  3. Deep dive..


Undeniably, government regulations may restrict the freedom of airlines. I am of the opinion that in the larger interest of stakeholders, airline industries should not be bound by government-policies. Let us dig deeper to understand the nuances of this complex topic.


Those who support government regulations give many arguments to bolster their views. Firstly, such regulations will restrict (prevent) any malpractices by the operators. Sometimes to earn profits, they resort to such ways which might not be in the best interest of the society. To quote an example, they may comprise with the safety norms of flying. They may also reduce prices for a short time just to attract a lot of customers. This may lead to closure of some operators.


However, there are equally strong arguments to de-regulate airlines. The strongest argument is that it will benefit customers as airlines can offer inexpensive flights. It will also lead to competition where the operators will try to enhance their quality of services and offers. To quote an example, international operators such as Lufthansa provide excellent services because they are not bound by such regulations. Another argument is that Airline-operators are well-versed with their business. Over-regulation by public-bodies sometimes hinders their growth. This may also lead to huge losses to them.


My view is that as far as security is concerned, there should be no-compromise. However, on other aspects such as fixing ticket-rates, airlines should be given a free hand. This will enable them to run their business in a smooth manner.


To conclude, I strongly advocate that Airlines should be free from the clutches of government-regulations.

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