Reading Comprehension Tips

Reading comprehension tests scare many people. Reason- reading as a skills is never taught in school. So the result is only a few students who are endowed with the natural liking for reading, develop this skill.

Here are a few tips to improve reading comprehension

  1. Focus on precision first then focus on speed
  2. Do a mock test to identify your areas of opportunities and strengths
  3. Skim to get the basic idea of the passage before reading it.
  4. Go through the questions to know what to focus on
  5. Identify keywords from the questions
  6. Look for synonyms for the keywords
  7. Do the easy questions first –> Words Based –> Line Based –> Paragraph Based –> Passage Based
  8. Practice using varied content taken from different sources
  9. Maintain a corrections log with strategies and best practices updated for each question where you went wrong
  10. Write annotations (short notes ) for each paragraph
  11. Practice STOP: Scope / Tone /Organization / Purpose
  12. Use process of elimination to get the right answer
  13. Give marks to the answers seem similar
  14. Pay attention to the tone of the question
  15. Read the first and last line of the passage first
  16. Pay attention to signpost words: But / However/Although/Moreover/ Furthermore/ Nevertheless/ Consequentially
  17. Practice with purpose: After every reading test make sure you update your corrections log with learning.

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