ielts/ toefl / pte essay: Prompt, Plan, Produce, Proofread

Imagine you are in the examination-hall!!

You are stressed. Writing is the last section of the test, so you are a little tired too…You want to finish it fast and go home.. You want to get out of this claustrophobic room as quickly as possible…

And now you read the essay title..You find it pretty straightforward.. so you read it casually….may be twice..

And then you start your writing… WITHOUT PLANNING…..

It is essential to follow the right steps, every-time you write an essay. You need to understand the main-theme, and the sub-theme of the question… you need to decide.. your line of argument.. your exception paragraph… your introduction… body.. conclusion.. before you write the first line..

Here are the steps you are advised to follow:

1. Prompt: Understand the question.. Do STOP (Scope / Tone / Organization / Purpose) of the question.

2. Make a rough draft of what you want title.

3. Write your essay.. talking about one theme in one paragraph..Follow a template you mastered..

4. Proofread your essay.

Here is one useful way to plan.. try BRAIN DUMP..
Put your thoughts on paper.. quickly.. without judging..without thinking about spellings.. or flow.. just keep writing everything that comes in your mind.. read the topic.. and make sure you address all the keywords in the prompt.

From this dump, you can choose your ideas later. You can discard the ones which do not make sense to you.. and select the ones that you like.

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