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 About the trainer:
The course is conducted by an experienced trainer with 20 yrs of successful track record.
About the training content:
You are not required to purchase any book or support material.
The complete content in the form of:
– Online tests,
– 60 sample essays, 
– Vocabulary,
– Online-Exercises 
are provided to you along with the course.
About the course:
The course is divided into two parts:
Strategies and best practices: 
Getting excellent scores is a function of the right approach. This part is aimed at helping you understand them and do enough practice onthem under the guidance of your trainer.
Simulated tests: 
Your marks in the simulated tests is the clear reflection of your preparedness.
Ample sample tests are given to you to ensure you are absolutely ready and confident before you take the test.
Name Course Score Email Address
Sonika Phagut IELTS General 8.5 (All tions above 7) Sonika.phaugat@gmail.com
Hemant Mittal IELTSAcademic 8 (All Sections above 7) hemantmittal@gmail.com
Ashish Rai IELTS General 7.5 (All Sections above 7) ashish.rai4@wipro.com
Rajneesh Bharadwaj IELTS General 7 (All sections above 7) rajnishbhardwaj11@gmail.com
Simran IELTS(Academic) 8 (All sections above 7)
Gurpreet IELTS(General) 7 (All sections above 7) gkaur13@bankofamerica.com
Abhinav Khandelwal IELTS(General) 7 (All sections above 7) abhinav.brly@gmail.com
Soumen IELTS(General) 7.5 (All Sections above 7) soumen.ghati@gmail.com
harma PTE 65 or above in all sections anildisney2002@yahoo.com
Rohit PTE 65 or above in all sections
Nitin Bose PTE  (Online Course) 78 or above in all sections nitinbose@hotmail.com
Inderjeet Kaur IELTS 8 (All Sections above 7) inderjeet16@gmail.com