How SAT test helps you prepare for Grammar, Vocabulary, and other skills

There are some skills which are common for all tests. Maths, English, Grammar are the three common ones to name. Let us see how taking SAT Test can help you score high marks on these three skills.

To begin with let us take reading comprehension. SAT test comprises of 52 questions to be done in 65 minutes. The passages are from various domains such as science, humanities, politics etc. The level of difficulty is fairly high, which means students get a good on speed reading, comprehension, strategies etc.

The second section is grammar, which is popularly called as SAT Writig. The questions in this section check your knowledge of grammar and precise-writing. This skill is useful not just from the perspective of entrance tests, but also from the perspective of school exams 10th, 11th, and 12th exams [cbse, icse, or any other board]. Students who start preparing for SAT after 9th, usually get very good marks in their 10th and 12th board exams.

The third section is Math. The questions in this section are more logic based than formula based. A thorough preparation of this section helps you to develop confidence in numerical ability. This practice can be useful for other entrance exams such as hotel management, bba entrance, mba entrance etc.

In short preparing for SAT can help you to prepare for various other entrance exams also.