‘Delhi air pollution levels’ – Essay On Pollution And Cars

“delhi air pollution levels” – Essay On Pollution

Essay on pollution, should cars be banned
Should cars be banned

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Do advantages of having your own car outweigh the environmental issues caused by pollution?

Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons and examples from your own life.

Do advantages of having your own car outweigh the environmental issues caused by pollution?

Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons and examples from your own life.


Last few decades have witnessed an unprecedented increase  in sale of personal utility vehicles. While the advent of faster and fuel-efficient cars has eased our lives, the resultant pollution has put a question mark on our survival. Clearly, it is time to re-evaluate our priorities and take some pragmatic (practical) decisions, in the larger interest of the planet and its inhabitants.

So what is done when a particular part of our body develops cancerous growth? We promptly and ruthlessly cut that apart- least should it affect other parts of the body killing the subject completely. Newspapers are replete with reports on how vehicular pollution especially from personal vehicles has caused catastrophes  in the form of floods, global warming, acid rains, various types of diseases including the most dreaded ones like cancer etc. Clearly, excessive use of cars is ruining our environment.

So, what’s the way out ? Can we do without personal vehicles? Can there be a middle path to follow? Examples of countries like Singapore and Australia present a strong case of how investing in infrastructure can drastically reduce dependence on personal automobiles, if not eliminate them completely . It took determined efforts on the part of governments and Samaritans to achieve such a state –  the results are definitely far reaching. These countries not just boast of  their healthy living conditions ,but also attract a lot of workers and students from all across the world. Thus, it behooves other nations as well to follow suit.

To recapitulate, I do endorse the view that sagacious and judicious use of cars is the need of the hour. However, banning them completely does not seem to be a prudent step.

Some Interesting Phrases

unprecedented increase  in sale of personal utility vehicles

We have seen an unprecedented rise in pollution levels.

Developments in science and technology has brought about changes in our lives.

The unprecedented demand for quality education has led to mushrooming growth of schools.

advent of

The advent of metro rail has transformed the scenario of transportation in Delhi.

The advent of mobile phones has made our lives complicated.

The advent of internet has eased our quest for information.

The advent of MNCs has helped to solve the problem of unemployment to a certain extent.

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Use of conjunctions and transition words


However à to show another point of view…

Technical advancements are great. However, we should not adapt them blindly.

Technological advancements are great; however, it has many negative impacts also.



Although à To show two views out of which one is stronger than other.

Although everyone is aware of importance of health, only a few take care of it.

While à To talk about two views or thoughts with more emphasis on one… similar to although..

While hard work is important, it is not enough for success.


On the flip side / on the other hand.

On the flip side, use of technology in the field of agriculture causes many crop diseases. Moreover, it leads to environmental pollution by giving rise to harmful microorganisms.

Is the bedrock of: Provides base to

Good education is the bedrock of development. New Delhi is the bed rock of small enterprises.