Essay Template-Employee Satisfaction And Retention Essay

is providing gym facilities to employees a good idea? How to motivate employees?

Sample Essay Template

Some employers offer their employees subsidized membership of gyms and sports clubs, believing that this will make their staff healthier and thus more effective at work.Other employers see no benefit in doing so.

consider the arguments from both aspects of this possible debate and reach a conclusion.

Model Answer

The subject of employee-productivity is the epicenter of discussion in many forums. There are contrasting views about providing subsidized health facilities. A deep dive into the subject will help us to understand it holistically.

Let us consider the advantages of providing subsidized health facilities. Firstly, if workers are healthy, then they will come to work daily. There will be less absenteeism. Secondly, it is generally seen that healthy employees are more productive. They are energetic and fast. Lastly, they feel motivated to work. Such employees, do not leave the company because they feel comfortable working in good environment. I can quote my personal experience as an example in this regard. I worked for Wipro Technologies, a top-rated Indian IT company. We had an in-house state-of-the-art gym in our office. Membership was available to all employees at just Rs. 100 / month. I and my colleagues used to enjoy workouts there after the office. I really liked working for a company which showed concern for its human-resource.

Now, let us analyse the disadvantages. Firstly employers will have to invest their money to provide such facilities. Gym memberships are not cheap these days. Secondly, all employees many not be interested in health-facilities. Some employees might be interested in monetary benefits instead of such fringe-benefits. So, these reasons dissuade some employers from providing such subsidies.

To sum up, health of workers is definitely important from the perspective of productivity. I advocate that the organizations which can afford to give such perks should definitely provide them to their work-force.