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Learning phrases can be a fun-and-easy way to improve writing and speaking skills.

A list of ready to use phrases add to your speed and persuasiveness.

Here is a list that you can use




Phrase Meaning Sentence Where Purpose
In today’s modern world In the current times In today’s modern world computers have taken the central stage in our lives.

In today’s modern world, travelling has become easy because of metro train.

Beginning To describe a trend
Around the globe Around the world; When talking about a universal trend Around the globe, there is a growing realization about the importance of health.

Around the globe, more and more people are taking to Yoga.

Anywhere To describe a trend
Although /while To express contradicting cause and effect Although he was old, he was very energetic. Although I am tired, I will teach you. Although it is too late, we need to consult the doctor right now. Anywhere contradiction
In my opinion In my view In my opinion health takes precedence over money. In my opinion right education or more important than anything else. Anywhere your view
The basis for my views… Tell the reason for your views The basis for my views are personal, academic and professional. Beginning your view
From a … point of view To begin a paragraph From the personal point of view Beginning of a para your view
From an …. viewpoint To express a viewpoint From an academic viewpoint, children have no choice but to master this technological invention.. Beginning of a para your view
For instance / for example / case in point… To give an example For instance, when as a student, I have seen how computers can help us learn difficult subjects, through simulation. Anywhere example
From a … perspective To express a viewpoint.. at the beginning of a para From professional perspective knowledge of computers help you to become more employable. Beginning of a para your view
In conclusion, in gist, To give a gist, In conclusion, your critics are the ones who tell you, that they care. End conclude
Over the last half century To tell a trend… something going on for some years Over the last half century, the pace of change has been beyond our wildest expectations. Beginning To describe a trend
This has been driven by Cause and effect relationship There has been a lot of discussion about education among all circles.. This has been driven by unprecedented competition.

Driven by his desire to start his own business, Steve worked hard during his initial days.

Modi introduced demonetization, driven by his desire to curb black-money.

Anywhere cause and effect
This means that To extend an idea.. In other words… This means that learning computers is no more a choice, but an unacceptable fact of life. Conclusion extend an idea
Living in denial To contradict; telling something is a myth. Thinking that things will not change is like living in denial. Anywhere your view
Sooner or later To tell about something inevitable (surety) Sooner or later, people will realize the importance of health. Anywhere To describe a trend
No longer exist To tell about something old The old familiar jobs no longer exist Anywhere to describe your view
Here to stay Something that has become a part and parcel of life. An in thing. Computers are here to stay; It behoves us to learn and use them. Anywhere trend
However To contradict an idea However, every change is not favourable. Anywhere contradiction
Yet Contradiction Parenting is such an important topic, yet only a few schools have included it in their curriculum. Anywhere contradiction
Stimulating and energising Talking about something positive Doing exercises can be stimulating and energising for you.
Doing exercises keeps you stimulated and energised.
Our hobbies keep us stimuated and energised.
It was a stimulating and energising experience.
Pursuing a hobby can be very stimulating and energising.
Anywhere your view
Pursue To follow I want to pursue a career in the field of education.
I pursued a lot of hobbies when I was in school.
Pursue your interests; you will never get bored.
Anywhere general phrase
In essence To conclusion In essence, if you are healthy, you can enjoy your life more than the one who is not.

In essence practice makes a man perfect.

In essensce books are our best friends.

Conclusion conclude
Change is the only constant in the world.. To describe something that is inevitable Change is the only constant in the world… Beginning trend
Thanks to unprecedented… To describe some modern developments Thanks to unprecedented developments in the field of computing, our lives are truly dependent on computers today.

Thanks to unprecedented development in infrastructure tourists from abroad prefer to visit Gujrat.

Thanks to easy access to money, many younsters start their own business.

Anywhere trend
Giving way to Getting replaced by The older methods are giving way to the newer and better ones.
In the modern world man made things are giving way to electronic machines.

Old traditions are giving way to new thinking.

Anywhere trend
Even…. To extend an idea.. Electronic equipments are getting more and more compact. Even mobile phones, have a camera and a radio. Anywhere trend
Prevalent Common Bulky computers were prevalent in earlier days.
Life style diseases are very prevalent these days.
Anywhere trend
On one hand…. ; on the other hand.. To extend an idea On one hand, education makes a person more employable; on the other hand, it helps bringing harmony in the society. Anywhere your view
Inevitable truth Something unavoidable Death is an inevitable truth; Change is an inevitable truth. Anywhere your view
Exaggeration Unrealistic; un real; an overstatement To say that knowledge and ideas alone can solve our problems is an exageration.

Advertisemnts have a right to exaggerate.

Anywhere your view

Use Good Samples to Learn Writing Essays (ielts, toefl, pte)

Good essay writing tips. Follow simple method to master the art of writing engaging essays and content.

Use Good Sample Essays

Learn templates

Writing a good essay requires a lot of practice. There are simpler and easier ways to develop this skill.

Here is one such method.

scored 7 bands in ielts
scored 7 bands in ielts

The method is called as practice with purpose. Let get to the business right away.

  • Step 1: Take a sample
  • Step 2: Understand the elements of style and elements of persuasion, you like in that essay.
  • Step 3: Make a list of them and practice them.
  • Step 4: Take another essay of the similar nature.
  • Step 5: Apply those elements of style and elements of persuasion to write that new essay.

Practice with Purpose


Here is an example… the two essays shown below are similar in many respects..

  •  both talk about school education
  • They are agree disagree type of essays
  • The vocabulary to be used is academic (school-education)
  • We can use them as templates to learn writing on similar topics.

Topic 1:Everyone should stay in school until the age of eighteen. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is often said that if you want to succeed in life, you need a proper school-education. I would agree with this, but it is debatable whether a proper education means having to stay in school until 18 years of age.

Perhaps the strongest reason not leaving school early is that it prepares you for your working career. If you leave school early with only a basic education, you are unlikely to be able to find any skilled work. Indeed, the education one receives between the ages of 16 and 18 is crucial for skilled work and a fulfilling life experience. Another compelling reason for remaining in school until 18 is that school provides moral and social education too. This is particularly important for people between 16 and 18 who have many temptations. Young people who stay in school until the age of 18 tend to be more responsible and help build a stronger society.

There are however, equally strong arguments against making school compulsory until the age of 18. One such argument is that not everyone is academically inclined and that some people benefit more from vocational training. For instance, someone who wants to become a car mechanic may find better training and more satisfaction in an apprentice scheme. Another related argument is that, in today’s world, young people are maturing ever more quickly and are able to make their own life decisions by the age of 16.

To my mind, everyone should be encouraged to stay in school until 18. However, I believe it would be a mistake to make this compulsory.

Topic 2:Some people believe that studying in a university or a college is the best route to a successful career while others believe that it is better to get a job straight after school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



  1. Relationship between education and job
  2. How good education helps you to get a job.
  3. Importance of practical approach

The best course of action would be take the middle path. 

 Sample Essay:

Higher education is generally considered as a ticket to a great career. However there are many exceptions to this view also. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this subject holistically.

When we look around we see many examples of successful people who came from a very humble educational background. Many of them completed schooling only and some were college drop-outs.  Mark Zukerberg and Bill Gates are two prominent examples to corroborate the view that a college degree is not mandatory for success. From India, we have Dhiru Bhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance, to cite as a well-known example.

Is college degree totally useless then? Should colleges shut-shop? Well, higher qualification is definitely an asset. Many professionals such as doctors, engineers, politicians, lawyers owe a lot of their success to their college-education.The fact of the matter is that one should go for college degree, if one is sure that whatever he learns in the college will help him in his future-life.

Arguably, personal-interest and passion matters more than college degree. Example of Steve Jobs can serve as a point-of-reference in this regard. He quit college and studied calligraphy as he was interested in it. Later this skill helped him to develop fonts in Apple-computers. Similarly, Elon Musk the founder of Tesla Motors,  self-trained himself on Space-science and founded the renowned space-company ‘Space-X’. These stars never attended a college, but they were led by a dream to excel and do good in the field of their interest.

The bottom line is – knowledge is undeniably a valuable asset; however, college degree is not the only means to acquire knowledge and be successful.


‘Delhi air pollution levels’ – Essay On Pollution And Cars

“delhi air pollution levels” – Essay On Pollution

Essay on pollution, should cars be banned
Should cars be banned

steps to write an essay

Do advantages of having your own car outweigh the environmental issues caused by pollution?

Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons and examples from your own life.

Do advantages of having your own car outweigh the environmental issues caused by pollution?

Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons and examples from your own life.


Last few decades have witnessed an unprecedented increase  in sale of personal utility vehicles. While the advent of faster and fuel-efficient cars has eased our lives, the resultant pollution has put a question mark on our survival. Clearly, it is time to re-evaluate our priorities and take some pragmatic (practical) decisions, in the larger interest of the planet and its inhabitants.

So what is done when a particular part of our body develops cancerous growth? We promptly and ruthlessly cut that apart- least should it affect other parts of the body killing the subject completely. Newspapers are replete with reports on how vehicular pollution especially from personal vehicles has caused catastrophes  in the form of floods, global warming, acid rains, various types of diseases including the most dreaded ones like cancer etc. Clearly, excessive use of cars is ruining our environment.

So, what’s the way out ? Can we do without personal vehicles? Can there be a middle path to follow? Examples of countries like Singapore and Australia present a strong case of how investing in infrastructure can drastically reduce dependence on personal automobiles, if not eliminate them completely . It took determined efforts on the part of governments and Samaritans to achieve such a state –  the results are definitely far reaching. These countries not just boast of  their healthy living conditions ,but also attract a lot of workers and students from all across the world. Thus, it behooves other nations as well to follow suit.

To recapitulate, I do endorse the view that sagacious and judicious use of cars is the need of the hour. However, banning them completely does not seem to be a prudent step.

Some Interesting Phrases

unprecedented increase  in sale of personal utility vehicles

We have seen an unprecedented rise in pollution levels.

Developments in science and technology has brought about changes in our lives.

The unprecedented demand for quality education has led to mushrooming growth of schools.

advent of

The advent of metro rail has transformed the scenario of transportation in Delhi.

The advent of mobile phones has made our lives complicated.

The advent of internet has eased our quest for information.

The advent of MNCs has helped to solve the problem of unemployment to a certain extent.

Analysis of essay based on

Task completion, Cohesion Cohere, Grammar, Accuracy


Use of conjunctions and transition words


However à to show another point of view…

Technical advancements are great. However, we should not adapt them blindly.

Technological advancements are great; however, it has many negative impacts also.



Although à To show two views out of which one is stronger than other.

Although everyone is aware of importance of health, only a few take care of it.

While à To talk about two views or thoughts with more emphasis on one… similar to although..

While hard work is important, it is not enough for success.


On the flip side / on the other hand.

On the flip side, use of technology in the field of agriculture causes many crop diseases. Moreover, it leads to environmental pollution by giving rise to harmful microorganisms.

Is the bedrock of: Provides base to

Good education is the bedrock of development. New Delhi is the bed rock of small enterprises.

The Right Approach To Ace The Tests

IELTS Certification, British Council
IELTS Trainer the Trainer – By British Council

The Right Approach To Ace The Tests

Every test is unique, and so it is advisable to get acquainted with its format first. This enables you to identify areas of opportunities, and plan your preparation.

The best way to start is by taking a mock test.

SAT Sample Test

IELTS Sample Test

GRE Sample Test

PTE Sample Test

Remember, practice with purpose yields results.

  • Take a Mock Test
  • Identify areas of opportunities
  • Practice essay writing using standard formats
  • Maintain a Corrections – Log
  • Practice With Purpose
  • First Focus on Precision, then on speed
  • Take Mock Tests in simulated environments
  • Practice different varieties of essays
  • Listening can be a great way to improve pronunciation and improve vocabulary
  • Make learning partners and speak with them
  • Use your free time to watch ted videos
  • Watch 7 rules of learning English by AJ Hog
  • Make a list of these rules and practice them as often as you can
  • A logical sequence of practice would be
    • Reading Listening Writing Speaking
      • Reading and Listening help you develop the right accent and vocabulary
      • Which can be helpful in Writing and Speaking
    • Thus first reading and listening and then writing and speaking
    • Make a list of standard phrases with one or two sentences on them
    • Remember the rule of Practice With Purpose

How To Write Essay Introduction (IETLS / TOEFL / PTE) Part 2


‘Practice with purpose’ is the foundation of learning a new skill. Sometimes, even after a lot of practice one does not learn the desired skill.


Well, the reason is obvious, our practice is not focused. The best way is to break a larger goal into smaller goals and work on each of them separately.

In context of writing essays we can divide our approach into following parts-

  1. Writing Introduction
  2. Writing Body Paragraphs
  3. Writing Conclusions

However before thinking about introduction / body / conclusion.. it makes sense to plan what you want to write first… Thus first make a rough draft of what you want to write, then start your essay…

For each of these sections we can have a collection of phrases and fixed expressions which we can use in drafting our thoughts.

Bingo! These templates give you a head-start to begin on the right foot.

Lets explore expressions and terms we can use in writing introduction today..

Use a quote

‘Well begin is half done.’ This cliche beautifully sums up the essence of this topic. A deep dive will help us to analyse and understand various aspects of this topic.

State the obvious… State your Opinion… Invite for further discussion

Some people say that children should be taught as school, others opine that children should be taught at home instead of schools.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The topic of school education has been been the epicenter of discussions in many forums. Everyone is interested to find the best way to educate children. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this subject holistically.


In last few years we have witnessed an unprecedented changes in the arena of school-education. Everyone has some opinion about the best way to teach, however there is no universal consensus on the subject. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this subject holistically.


Undeniably, school education lays the foundation for a bright career. There are differing views on the best way to educate children, however there is no consensus. A deep dive into the subject will help us to understand the pros and cons associated with different methods.


The subject of school-education has attracted a lot of attention in last few decades. I tend to believe that there is no one-size-fits-all way of teaching school-children. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this subject holistically.

Let us take some more examples

1. Arts sports and music should be replaced by more career oriented subjects in schools. Do you agree or disagree.

This is a decision topic. You have to support one side..

Sample introductions..

It would be naive to say that there are no career options in the field of arts and sports. Dropping them from school-education will be a big mistake, according to me. Let us dig deeper to understand the nuances of this subject.

In the last few decades, we have witnessed unprecedented changes in the arenas of career-choices. Fields such as arts and sports have opened many avenues for those who are interested in them. I don’t think dropping these subjects from school-education will be a good idea. Let us dig deeper to understand this subject holistically.

2. Some people say that it is better to get married before 30. Others say that one should get married only after 30. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Marriage and the the age to marry is a personal choice. However, I tend to believe that it is advisable to get married sooner than later. Let us dig a little deeper to understand various aspects of this subject holistically.


Reading Strategies and Tips – Prepare, Practice, Succeed!

Reading strategies to speed up and get the right answers.

Reading – Tips

9 bandsi in ielts reading
Inderjeet scored 9 bands in reading
9 bands in reading
9 bands in reading

Reading is an intense exercise. It calls for concentration and undivided attention. People who are not accustomed to reading find it difficult to develop this skill. Consistent efforts and practice with purpose yields results.

The right strategies can help you gain speed and accuracy. Learn them, practice them, apply them!!

  • Develop interest in reading.
  • First focus on precision, then focus on speed.
  • Practice using different types of passages
  • Focus on -STOP
    • Scope,
    • Tone,
    • Organization
    • Purpose
  1. Fill up the blanks – Tips

    1. Note the maximum number of words / numbers acceptable
    2. Understand the context
    3. Understand the type of word (noun / verb / adjective / number)
  2. MCQs – Tips

    1. Paraphrase and predict
    2. Read the options later
    3. Select the right option
    4. Process of Elimination ( POE)

Want to do a free exercise? Call  – 9871001015

  1. True / False /Not Given – Tips

    1. Look for evidence
    2. If there is a clear evidence to support / contradict the statement – True / False
    3. Else, Not Given
    4. Even when there is a possibility of True / or False [under different situations].. the answer will be not given



Text: Aryans are native Indians

Question: Aryans are found only in India.

  1. Match the heading – Tips

    1. Read one paragraph at a time..
    2. Look at the whole paragraph not individual lines.
    3. Paraphrase it to get the essence of it
    4. Match with the options

If two answers seem to be right.. Select both of them first and later you can do a tug-of-war to select the best one.

First Precision Than Speed

First focus on getting the questions right. Speed is always a result of practicing he skills for a reasonably long time. So, regular practice will make you fast.

Thus, you will do well to just do away with the watch during the initial phase of your preparation. Your focus should be to the questions right.

You will develop speed by practicing regualry.

For writing Tips  – Click Here

Wish to practice reading – use ted.