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Corrections Log

Your mistakes are your most important teachers. In order to make sure that you learn from them, it is important to maintain a corrections log.

For every error / slip you commit it is important to write a short note in the corrections log with a reference of the mistake. This will help you learn the right strategies to do the test.

Should airlines be free from government regulations – IELTS Essay

Some people think that air travel should grow without government regulations, while others believe that governments regulate them. Discuss both views and give your own opinion..

Rough Draft

Go down for the essay…

Government should regulate it… (control it… regulate it…

  1. For air traffic control…
  2. To prevent any mal practices.. and
  3. Over charge the customers..

 Grow without any regulations.. autonomous.. governed by their own rules.


  1. they know their business well.. restrictive..
  2. the ticket prices might be less.. if there is no minimum price / barrier.
  3. it may lead to price war and some airlines may suffer losses..


Conclusion: To conclude, I strongly advocate that Airline industries should be given autonomy to operate their business..

 Intro… 3 lines..

  1. State the obvious
  2. State your opinion
  3. Deep dive..


Undeniably, government regulations may restrict the freedom of airlines. I am of the opinion that in the larger interest of stakeholders, airline industries should not be bound by government-policies. Let us dig deeper to understand the nuances of this complex topic.


Those who support government regulations give many arguments to bolster their views. Firstly, such regulations will restrict (prevent) any malpractices by the operators. Sometimes to earn profits, they resort to such ways which might not be in the best interest of the society. To quote an example, they may comprise with the safety norms of flying. They may also reduce prices for a short time just to attract a lot of customers. This may lead to closure of some operators.


However, there are equally strong arguments to de-regulate airlines. The strongest argument is that it will benefit customers as airlines can offer inexpensive flights. It will also lead to competition where the operators will try to enhance their quality of services and offers. To quote an example, international operators such as Lufthansa provide excellent services because they are not bound by such regulations. Another argument is that Airline-operators are well-versed with their business. Over-regulation by public-bodies sometimes hinders their growth. This may also lead to huge losses to them.


My view is that as far as security is concerned, there should be no-compromise. However, on other aspects such as fixing ticket-rates, airlines should be given a free hand. This will enable them to run their business in a smooth manner.


To conclude, I strongly advocate that Airlines should be free from the clutches of government-regulations.

IELTS Essay Practice.. Will the world be a better place with fewer languages? Sample Essay

Every year several languages die out. Some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Analysis of topic: To what extent do you agree or disagree… in other words.. you can discuss both views.. and support one… Make sure you give a clear final verdict that reflects your opinion

It is good because:1. Fewer languages, easier communication 2. Some languages lose relevance 3. Ease of Business..

It is bad because..1. Cultural diversity 2. Regional nuances 3. Scriptures and old knowledge

I support.. Preserving languages is important from the perspective of preserving diversity of cultures and old-knowledge..

Write conclusion first.. While some languages might not be used in day-to-day, transactions, it still makes eminent sense to save them.







Languages are akin to bridges. Every language old or new; spoken by many, or by a few, has its value, and so it should be preserved. Let us dig deeper to understand the nuances of this subject, with some examples.

Counter argument first:

Will fewer languages make our life easier or convenient? Well, it may ease communication to a certain extent. Businessmen my find it easier to tie with people from diverse cultures, if they communicate using same verbiage. It is also true that, languages have their own life-span. They are similar to living entities, and with passage of time, their vocabulary, rules of grammar etc lose relevance. So, it is natural for some languages to lose currency. It will not be a good idea (pragmatic) to force using a certain language, even if it does not serve the purpose. In other words, fewer languages may have some advantages.

Does this mean, old languages need not be preserved? I beg to differ. Death of a language is the death of an era. It means a fatal blow to associated knowledge. To quote an example, Sanskrit is an old Indian language which is not very popular today, however, old Hindu scriptures such as Bhagwat Geeta and Ramayana were written in this language. Further, books of Aurveda (a branch of medicine) ,were also written in Sanskrit. To preserve this knowledge, it is imperative to preserve Sanskrit.

There are other compelling arguments to preserve old languages. A language is like Oxygen for the culture of an area. To preserve the rich and diverse culture of a region, it becomes necessary to preserve the native language.


To conclude, while some languages might not be used in day-to-day transactions, it still makes eminent sense to preserve them.

Essay Topic: Are online business meetings and training better than offline mode?

Essay Topic: Are online business meetings and training better than offline mode?

Essay Topic: Are online business meetings and training better than offline mode?


8 bands in ielts academic
Essay Topic: Are online business meetings and training better than offline mode?

Nowadays many business meetings and training are happening online and not in real offices. Do you think advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this matter?

Advantages…. 1. saves time of travelling.. 2. Saves money.. 3. saves energy.. saves paper.. 4. Anywhere anytime… learning… / 5. Pppl from diff areas.. 6. Lodging and boarding..
Disadantages.. 1. Personal touch.. 2. Dependency on computer, internet and electrictiy… 3. Confidential information may get leacked.. 4. Sub such as math etc.. might not be taught easily..5. we can not touch a product or equipment.. so we can not check the quality..


Intro… 3 line…a. state the obvious.. b. state your opinion.. c.. invite for futher discussion….

The advent of computer and internet have made online-learning and realtime-meeting easy and inexpensive. In my perspective this is a welcome change. Let us dig deeper to understand the benefits of this new trend.

In the yester-years organizing meetings or training sessions was an ardous task. Lot of preparation was required in arranging the logistics. First of all, appropriate venue was required. Secondly, expenditure on arranging conference-rooms used to be very high. Futher, people needed to travel to the venue. Many participants used to hate travelling from one city to another, just to attend a session for a few hours. Not just the participants, the same problems were faced by trainers or the conveners of meetings also. In short, organizing and mangaging such sessions was a nightmare.

However, internet and online meeting softwares have changed the whole landscape. More meetings and trainings are conducted online, than face-to-face, these days. To quote an example, I learnt German from a native through online mode. I searched for a good trainer in Delhi, but he was located very far, and he quoted exorbitant (excessive) (very high) fees. Thankfully, I got introduced to a German native, who agreed to teach me at lower-rate. I am enjoying my training, and I am learning really quickly. Similarly, in my office, we conduct meetings with our branches in other coutries, through online-applications. I find it very easy and as effective as fact-to-face mode. Organizing the meeting is quite easy now. In other words, online mode is actually a blessing-in-disguise, as it helps to save time, energy and money.

To conclude, it is obvious that online-meetings and training-sessions socre higher than the offline mode, in todays world.

To conclude, boudaries are no more the barriers in the modern world. Internet has bridged the gaps between geographies. I tend to believe that online mode is a better way to conduct meetings and coachings, than the old modes.

blessing in disguise
logistics: vyavastha…
yester years
ardous task: difficult task
changed the whole landscape

LEARN PHRASES – How to control pollution – Can levying taxes be the best way –

ielts essay – How to control industrial pollution

Learn Phrases

Most people pay taxes to contribute to the development of their country, however, some think they have other responsibilities in addition to paying taxes.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

scored 7 bands in ielts
Hina from Banglore- scored 7 bands in ielts Academic


Undeniably, pollution is a grave concern. As far as the question of taxing the industries is concerned, it can be one of the ways to tame this monster. Let us dig deeper to explore the ways to alleviate this global problem.

To begin, taxing the industries can definitely help to a certain extent. Firstly, it will generate necessary funds to upgrade the existing infrastructure. Secondly, these funds can be invested to facilitate research to find advanced ways of pollution-control. Various educational and research institutions can be roped-in to come-up with more effective ways. Thirdly, it is a very fair policy. Industries which cause a lot of pollution, must also shoulder the responsibility to control it in some way.

However, there can be other ways also. Government can stipulate strict roles, for industries to invest in waste-treatment. Such a policy will promote prevention, and thus can be a more effective way to deal with the issue. To quote an example, lots of chemical factories dispose their wastes directly into water bodies – rivers, ponds etc. If these effluents are treated before disposing, it will prevent pollution on the first place. As it is commonly quipped – ‘prevention is better than cure’ – this can be a more effective way.

Further, norms can be laid for setting up industries in areas of less population. Outskirts of the city are more suitable for setting up refineries, and factories. If land is allocated on cheaper rates in the outskirts, it will incentivize industrialists to set-shop there, rather than in the heart of the city.

In essence, it takes more than simply taxing the industries to control industrial-pollution.

Understanding the topic

The topic specifically talks about industrial pollution. So it is advisable to focus on that only.. not pollution in general.

Further, it talks about controlling it through levying taxes. So we need to weave our arguments around this subject – can paying taxes alone help? Is it the only way or one of the ways? What can be other alternatives.

Vocabulary Note:

Undeniably: To state something which is obvious / a universal role / or a general trend

Undeniably, parents and teachers both need to work hand in hand to raise children.

Undeniably, knowledge of computers is indispensable for getting good job-offers.

a grave concern : a serious issue / something that requires

Problem of obesity is a grave concern.

Lack of infrastructure is a serious issue.

Tame the monster: deal with the problem

Education is indispensable, to tame the monster of unemployment.

Physical exercise is indispensable to tame the monster of obesity.


Alleviate this global problem

Good governance is necessary to alleviate the problem of bribery.


Back by / support / support financially

The government is backed by many industrialists.

Our college is backed by government.


To facilitate

Good schools are necessary to facilitate quality education.

Timely helped from my brother facilitated me to expand my business.


Can be roped-in : can be called / can be included

Many industrialists can be roped-in to invest in government schemes.

Many NGOs can be roped in to educate masses.

Retired doctors can be roped in to treat poor patients.


Come-up-with / introduce / bring forth something new

Government has come-up-with many schemes to help farmers.

My manager used to come up with innovative solutions to many elusive problems.

Shoulder the responsibility

Youngsters should shoulder the responsibility of supporting their old parents.

Essay – Celebrity status no longer equates with talent/accomplishments. Discuss.

“Gold is gold, even if it does not glitter.”

Essay – for practice

Essay Topic- Celebrity status no longer equates with talent/accomplishments. Discuss.

Sample Answer

If not talent and accomplishment, then what else is left to celebrate? In my view a true celebrity is one whose life and work is worth a celebration. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this topic.

To begin, being a celebrity is not about having a ‘temporary-status’. It is not a title or a tag that changes with time. Being a celebrity is a matter of joy for ever. From this perspective a celebrity is one who inspires people, even after his/her death. To quote an example, Mother terssa is a true celebrity on this parameter. Bhagat Singh and Gandhi, are also two such inspiring personalities which I regard as celebrities. Simlarly, Ratan Tata and Bill Gates are two celebrities from the field of business. Further, Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pachino are the true luminaries from the tinsel-world.

A celebrity in  never cares or works for being a celebrity. Their goal is not being famous or rich, but being true to oneself and to serve the world in the best possible way. Glamour and fan-following are the off-shoots not the essence of being a celebrity.

Ironically, people consider famous people as celebrities. This is a wrong notion. Dawood Ibrahim and Ram Rahim might be two names which are known or famous.  But, are they celebrities? Do you want to celebrate their success? It is time we understand the difference between being a celebrity, and being known or famous.

To conclude, Gold is gold, even if it does not glitter. Being a celebrity is not about name and fame, but it is about being true to yourself. It is about setting a new paradigm for generations to draw inspiration from.



Notes and Comments

Start with a question

If not talent and accomplishment, then what else is left to celebrate? In my view a true celebrity is one whose life and work is worth a celebration. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this topic.

One good way of grabbing attention is by asking a question. You can start your essay with a question, as shown.


ielts essay sample – important things are free

Some people think that most important things in life are free and can not be  bought.

To what extent do you agree?

Money can not buy everything. This is especially true for those things which are related to our sense of well-being. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this topic from all perspectives.

What is the cost of true friendship? How much will you pay for mother’s love? Can someone buy you peace of mind? Well, these are a few invaluable assets that do not come with a price tag. Blessed are those who are able to realize this truth and value these most important gifts of life, that are absolutely free.

Similarly, gifts of nature such are rivers, mountains, a cool breeze of air, and good-health are absolutely free. Likewise, our body and sense-organs, the most sophisticated machines  come totally free to us.

The purpose is not to undermine the importance of assets  that can be bought with money. However, it is clear beyond doubt that money can not buy the most important things in life.

Ironically, people give more importance to money and the associated luxuries of life. People are so busy in the pursuit of happiness that they forget to be happy. Surprisingly, there is no finish line of this rat-race. One target leads to another big target and people get caught in the vicious cycle, chasing the mirage of ‘things that can make them happy’.

To conclude, the priceless gifts of life do not come with a price-tag. It is time we realize this cardinal rule.


Essay Template-Employee Satisfaction And Retention Essay

is providing gym facilities to employees a good idea? How to motivate employees?

Sample Essay Template

Some employers offer their employees subsidized membership of gyms and sports clubs, believing that this will make their staff healthier and thus more effective at work.Other employers see no benefit in doing so.

consider the arguments from both aspects of this possible debate and reach a conclusion.

Model Answer

The subject of employee-productivity is the epicenter of discussion in many forums. There are contrasting views about providing subsidized health facilities. A deep dive into the subject will help us to understand it holistically.

Let us consider the advantages of providing subsidized health facilities. Firstly, if workers are healthy, then they will come to work daily. There will be less absenteeism. Secondly, it is generally seen that healthy employees are more productive. They are energetic and fast. Lastly, they feel motivated to work. Such employees, do not leave the company because they feel comfortable working in good environment. I can quote my personal experience as an example in this regard. I worked for Wipro Technologies, a top-rated Indian IT company. We had an in-house state-of-the-art gym in our office. Membership was available to all employees at just Rs. 100 / month. I and my colleagues used to enjoy workouts there after the office. I really liked working for a company which showed concern for its human-resource.

Now, let us analyse the disadvantages. Firstly employers will have to invest their money to provide such facilities. Gym memberships are not cheap these days. Secondly, all employees many not be interested in health-facilities. Some employees might be interested in monetary benefits instead of such fringe-benefits. So, these reasons dissuade some employers from providing such subsidies.

To sum up, health of workers is definitely important from the perspective of productivity. I advocate that the organizations which can afford to give such perks should definitely provide them to their work-force.

Learn common phrases

Learn phrases to improve your writing and speaking skills

Essay Writing TIps

Learning phrases can be a fun-and-easy way to improve writing and speaking skills.

A list of ready to use phrases add to your speed and persuasiveness.

Here is a list that you can use




Phrase Meaning Sentence Where Purpose
In today’s modern world In the current times In today’s modern world computers have taken the central stage in our lives.

In today’s modern world, travelling has become easy because of metro train.

Beginning To describe a trend
Around the globe Around the world; When talking about a universal trend Around the globe, there is a growing realization about the importance of health.

Around the globe, more and more people are taking to Yoga.

Anywhere To describe a trend
Although /while To express contradicting cause and effect Although he was old, he was very energetic. Although I am tired, I will teach you. Although it is too late, we need to consult the doctor right now. Anywhere contradiction
In my opinion In my view In my opinion health takes precedence over money. In my opinion right education or more important than anything else. Anywhere your view
The basis for my views… Tell the reason for your views The basis for my views are personal, academic and professional. Beginning your view
From a … point of view To begin a paragraph From the personal point of view Beginning of a para your view
From an …. viewpoint To express a viewpoint From an academic viewpoint, children have no choice but to master this technological invention.. Beginning of a para your view
For instance / for example / case in point… To give an example For instance, when as a student, I have seen how computers can help us learn difficult subjects, through simulation. Anywhere example
From a … perspective To express a viewpoint.. at the beginning of a para From professional perspective knowledge of computers help you to become more employable. Beginning of a para your view
In conclusion, in gist, To give a gist, In conclusion, your critics are the ones who tell you, that they care. End conclude
Over the last half century To tell a trend… something going on for some years Over the last half century, the pace of change has been beyond our wildest expectations. Beginning To describe a trend
This has been driven by Cause and effect relationship There has been a lot of discussion about education among all circles.. This has been driven by unprecedented competition.

Driven by his desire to start his own business, Steve worked hard during his initial days.

Modi introduced demonetization, driven by his desire to curb black-money.

Anywhere cause and effect
This means that To extend an idea.. In other words… This means that learning computers is no more a choice, but an unacceptable fact of life. Conclusion extend an idea
Living in denial To contradict; telling something is a myth. Thinking that things will not change is like living in denial. Anywhere your view
Sooner or later To tell about something inevitable (surety) Sooner or later, people will realize the importance of health. Anywhere To describe a trend
No longer exist To tell about something old The old familiar jobs no longer exist Anywhere to describe your view
Here to stay Something that has become a part and parcel of life. An in thing. Computers are here to stay; It behoves us to learn and use them. Anywhere trend
However To contradict an idea However, every change is not favourable. Anywhere contradiction
Yet Contradiction Parenting is such an important topic, yet only a few schools have included it in their curriculum. Anywhere contradiction
Stimulating and energising Talking about something positive Doing exercises can be stimulating and energising for you.
Doing exercises keeps you stimulated and energised.
Our hobbies keep us stimuated and energised.
It was a stimulating and energising experience.
Pursuing a hobby can be very stimulating and energising.
Anywhere your view
Pursue To follow I want to pursue a career in the field of education.
I pursued a lot of hobbies when I was in school.
Pursue your interests; you will never get bored.
Anywhere general phrase
In essence To conclusion In essence, if you are healthy, you can enjoy your life more than the one who is not.

In essence practice makes a man perfect.

In essensce books are our best friends.

Conclusion conclude
Change is the only constant in the world.. To describe something that is inevitable Change is the only constant in the world… Beginning trend
Thanks to unprecedented… To describe some modern developments Thanks to unprecedented developments in the field of computing, our lives are truly dependent on computers today.

Thanks to unprecedented development in infrastructure tourists from abroad prefer to visit Gujrat.

Thanks to easy access to money, many younsters start their own business.

Anywhere trend
Giving way to Getting replaced by The older methods are giving way to the newer and better ones.
In the modern world man made things are giving way to electronic machines.

Old traditions are giving way to new thinking.

Anywhere trend
Even…. To extend an idea.. Electronic equipments are getting more and more compact. Even mobile phones, have a camera and a radio. Anywhere trend
Prevalent Common Bulky computers were prevalent in earlier days.
Life style diseases are very prevalent these days.
Anywhere trend
On one hand…. ; on the other hand.. To extend an idea On one hand, education makes a person more employable; on the other hand, it helps bringing harmony in the society. Anywhere your view
Inevitable truth Something unavoidable Death is an inevitable truth; Change is an inevitable truth. Anywhere your view
Exaggeration Unrealistic; un real; an overstatement To say that knowledge and ideas alone can solve our problems is an exageration.

Advertisemnts have a right to exaggerate.

Anywhere your view

Essay Writing – Use Templates

A  template helps you gain speed and precision. It is a sure shot way of finishing your work on in the given time-span.

Essay Writing – Use Templates

A  template helps you gain speed and precision. It is a sure shot way of finishing your work in the given time-span.

More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to solve this problem?

The topic of protecting wild-life is the epicenter of discussion in many forums. There are many factors which have contributed to extinction of many species. Immediate and effective measures to reverse this trend are not just desirable, but also essential for our survival. Let us dig deeper to understand this topic holistically.

Comments: For a cause and effect essay.. This introduction can be taken as as a template. In all situations we can use similar verbiage with a little bit tweaking. 

There are several reasons, why these animals are reducing in numbers. One of the primary reasons is epidemic. Extensive hunting and poaching have added fuel to the fire.To quote an example, the population of white elephants in the Amazon has dwindled because of poaching.

Comments: The logical sequence would be talk about the causes first. You can enlist them using the structure shown above. Hunting and epidemics are identified as two causes..

Let us discuss some effective measures to tackle this problem. Government has an important role to play in this regard. It can adopt a two pronged strategy. Firstly, masses should be educated about the importance of preserving bio-diversity. If people are aware of how extinction of animals affect the whole ecosystem, then they will not get involved in killing animals. Secondly, criminals should be punished harshly. This will send the right message to those who try to break the law.

comments: Again while talking about solutions.. we can devote 1 para each to the two causes identified (hunting and epidemics)

Further, steps should be taken to provide a safe habitat to wild animals. Causes behind outbreaks of epidemics need to be understood, preventive measures should be taken. Affected or diseased animals should be quickly identified and treated. These steps can definitely help to a great extent.

To conclude, saving flora-and-fauna is the responsibility of everyone. Governments and citizens need to contribute wholeheartedly towards achieving this worthy goal.

Comments: A short and crisp conclusion is advisable. Two to three sentences are enough.

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