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Rajeev is a passionate trainer and learner. He comes with an experience of 15 years of helping aspirants to realize their dreams.

Currently, Rajeev conducts online /  offline classes on IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GRE, GMAT, Hotel Management, and MBA Entrance.

Rajeev also conducts SAT  course at Pathways, Aravali Hills. He also takes online classes for students of WoodStock School, Masouri.

Do you want to learn and master the right skills for success in ielts, toefl, sat, gre, pte, reading comprehension, speed reading?

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Success Stories

Harshit Bhasin scored 35/36 in ACT

how sat and act can help prepare for many other tests

Harshit scored 35/36 in ACT

Harshit is a ow bright student of DPS Dwaraka. While he opted to study Biology as he aspire to get into genetic research, he is equally interested in creative writing. The major challenge Harshit faced was with grammar rules .

He did a lot of mock tests, noting down the areas of opportunities in the corrections log. He finally scored top marks in the test.

Vedant Scored Top Marks in TOEFL and SAT

SAT 1450

SAT 1450  TOEFL 111        Vedant is a bright student. He was very clear from the very beginning that he wanted to pursue his graduation from US. Keeping this goal in mind, he started preparing for SAT and TOEFL right after class 8.
Vedant took his first SAT right after 9th standard. This gave him the necessary experience to develop the right approach.
Early start helped him to go confidently in the direction of his dreams.

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Dr Sinha from Kolkata scored 7.5 bands in IELTS Acad

Dr. Sinha from Kolkata attended our Online course. He was concerned about writing.Thanks to his dedicated efforts and proper guidance, he cleared the test with 7.5 bands.

Dr Sinha from Kolkata scored 7.5 bands in IELTS
“Thanks for your support n hard work you had put behind me…..not to forget the continuous positive motivation I got from you.”

Kamaljeet, a BPO professional aspired to go to Canada. Her main hurdle was reading. She learnt the strategies and trick to get the answers quickly and scored the desired bands: Overall 8 bands, with 8 bands in Reading.

8 Bands in IELTS Gen
8 Bands in IELTS Gen

Kamaljeet 8 Bands

She found that reading was tough, but she scored 8 bands in reading, thanks to the right strategies she learnt during the course.

Selection of right content to practice helped her gain the necessary confidence to score well in the test.


I owe every bit of it to you. I mean it. 🙏🏻

I was almost on the verge of giving up on IELTS when I met Mr. Rajeev Gondal. After attending the demo class, I knew that if anyone could help me get the score that I am aiming at, it was him. His
brilliant ideas, amazing suggestions and unique guidance for each of the module helped me level up with each practice test. The best part was the encouragement that I got from him, whenever I scored low while practicing. I think it’s his belief which helped me score the desired band for each of the module. I am grateful to have met a wonderful person like him. I owe this score to you Rajeev Sir…!

Heartfelt gratitude for the amazing and unique guidance which helped me to level up. Thank you so very much 🙏🏻

IELTS Top Score
Scored 8 Bands, 7 or above in all sections Feb2018

Aayushi is a business women from Delhi. She took the first test to understand the test structure.

Writing was her main concern. She learnt and practiced using different types of essays. To save time, she learnt different phrases to be used in all essays.

8 bands in ielts
Aayushi Scored 8 Bands

Maintaining a detailed corrections proved to be a blessing in disguise to revise concepts quickly before the test. In the corrections log she wrote a detailed note on her approach, best practices and logic to reach to the right answer.

Rekha scored 7.5 bands in IELTS General.


– by Rekha
attended IELTS Crash Course

posted on 09 Jul, 2018

“I was able to cross the hurdles that I was having in Ielts writing because of Rajeev sir . He has shown complete faith in me, and always motivated and guided me. He was there all the times you need, and cleared all the doubts. Thank you so much sir.

Rekha is a school teacher. This was her second attempt. She was struggling with the writing section specifically.She studied the samples, learnt the strategies, and did a lot of practice tests. She maintained corrections logs and kept on revising it 3 to 4 times a day.Finally, she got the desired bands (7.5) for Canada PR.

8 Bands Jan 2018
8 Bands Jan 2018

Ramya is a pediatrician from Chennai. She wanted to pursue her career in US. For this she needed to score 7+ in all sections of IELTS, Academic.

Ramya scored 8 bands in her second attempt. She scored 6.5 in writing in her first attempt, and so she decided to go for a focused coaching on Writing section.

Ramya worked hard to enhance her vocabulary and drafting skills. Her strength was her handwriting, her diligence. She wrote a lot of essays and graphs to make sure, she writes in the given time-span.

The formats of essays, she learnt and mastered during training came very handy to save time.

The secret to his high score is consistent preparation and use of variety of content. Mohit used the content of TOEFL and IELTS to build his skills. This gave him an opportunity to see a diverse range of topics and question types.

Further, he thoroughly practiced the 3 standard tests that come with Pearson Guide. He did them repeatedly to develop proficiency in them.

Practice With Purpose – Yields Results!!

Inderjeet Scored 8 Bands in IELTS

IELTS General 8 Bands in first attempt

Inderjeet is a disciplined software professional from Delhi.Her command over English was good, but she was not aware of the dynamics of the test.

During coaching, she focused on learning the right approach towards the test. Most importantly, she focused on time-management skills. Inderjeet was quite confident after doing a couple of mock tests. She scored 8 bands in her test in the very first attempt.

This helped her develop the necessary confidence to complete the test in the given time-span. Interestingly, she used her free time (daily commuting time of around 1 hr in bus) to prepare for the test.

Assem Scored 79+ in all sections of PTE

(Pearson Test of English)

PTE Online Course
PTE Writing 85, Speaking 90, Listening 90, Reading 90

Aseem is a software professional from Singapore. He had taken PTE test earlier also, but the results were not as expected. He is a fighter a person with the right attitude to win.His English skills were impressive, but he needed to work on small slips in grammar. During the passage of his coaching, he practiced diligently – specially on writing skills.Aseem developed and mastered the right templates to portray his ideas in a creative way. The templates he learnt helped him to finish the writing test before time. He completed writing the essay in 14 minutes, and he could give 6 minutes to check his essays and do necessary corrections.His success can be attributed to his positive attitude and correct approach towards the test.

Neha from Banglore – 8 Bands in IELTS General

8 Bands in IELTS GenNeha is a fashion-designing professional from Banglore. Out of her busy schedule, she did rigorous practice for 2 months to hone her skills.

She learnt the right templates for writing and speaking. She worked on the feed-backs rigorously, and developed speed and precious in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills.

As with other participants use of Corrections-Log was particularly helpful.

Deepesh scored 79+ in all sections of PTE

79 + in PTE in all sections

Deepesh Dang a Software Professional from Banglore had attempted IELTS before switching to PTE. In his first attempt at PTE he scored 79+ in all sections. Deepesh, an enthusiastic learner with a great spirit to excel his performance worked diligently to achieve his goals.

8 bands in IELTS Academic

8 bands in ielts academic
8 bands in ielts academic

Chinmay Manchanda, a body building enthusiast from Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, studies in class 11th. He cherishes the dream of expanding his father’s business in Canada.  He likes setting high targets and working hard to achieve them. Chinmay scored 8 bands in his first attempt.

Always optimistic and ready to help others with his quick tips, Chinmay showed exceptional grit and determination . studying late night after his school assignments helped him sharpen his skills. He used to attend online sessions  @ 9:30 PM from his home.

The distinguishing quality of Chinmay is his ability to quickly identify his weak areas and work on them. At the beginning of his training, he used to speak very fast. When he realized that this may become a bottle-neck, he practiced speaking slowly and quickly became and eloquent speaker.

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Hina scored 7.5 in IELTS Academic

IELTS Online Course Scored 7.5 bands
Hina is a software professional from Banglore. She did our online IELTS course in the month of September. The quality that distinguishes her is her handwriting and vocabulary. She further augmented her skills of time management to score the desired bands.


7.5 bands in IELTS. (target was 6.5)

7.5 bands in ielts academic
7.5 bands in ielts academic

Dr. Kaustubh, a dentist from Maharastra, attended online ielts classes. His profile requires him to travel a lot. So he was looking for a flexible course to attend sessions as per his convenience.He found the online recorded lessons particularly useful. They enabled him to learn even when he was on a tour.

Dr. Kaustubh, a very polite and hard-working learner, attended all sessions with a lot of involvement. His hard work and willingness to learn helped him achieve his dream.


Sasikala Scored 7 Bands in IELTS

IELTS Online Course, 7 Bands in IELTS

Sasikala from Chennai, is a healthcare professional. She achieved her target of scoring 7 bands, in her first attempt. During her course she rigorously worked on her speaking and writing skills to get the desired scores.

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Arjun Scored 7 Bands in IELTS Academic.

IELTS Crash Course – Scored 7 bands

Arjun is a young graduate with interests in website designing and finance. He had very less time to prepare for his IELTS exam. So, he was skeptical about his results.

After finishing the course Arjun learn the right techniques to take the test.He successfully cleared the test with 7 bands in IELTS Academic.During coaching, Arjun showed a lot of interest in learning. He was sincere, always very punctual and very polite.Thanks to his positive attitude and dedication, he learnt very quickly.

Jatin Scored 7 bands in IELTS Academic

Jatin a young graduate from Delhi, scored 7 bands in IELTS Academic in his first attempt. During training, he learnt the time management techniques which were particularly helpful in the reading section.

Yash scored 8.5 bands in IELTS General (IELTS Online Course)

Yash Vaghani, our star performer from Mumbai, took our special Writing course. He scored 8 bands in writing and overall 8.5 bands in IELTS.

Vivek Sontakke from Mumbai scored 85 out of 90 in PTE. He attended 1 month online coaching.

He faced problems in Listening and Speaking. He worked diligently to hone his skills in these two sections, and finally cleared the test with flying colors.

Here is Vivek’s results

Vivek Score

Maninder scored 8 bands in IELTS General

Maninder Kohli, a software programmer from Gurgaon, scored 8 bands in IELTS in his first attempt.

His systematic approach and rigorous practice helped him learn the right techinques.


– by Mohit Chopra
attended PTE Academic Exam Coaching

posted on 03 Feb, 2018

“Rajeev understands individual learning requirements and creates a tailor made coaching pattern based on interactive sessions. He is approachable and gives helpful tips to succeed. I highly recommend him. “



attended IELTS Coaching

posted on 06 Apr, 2018

“He pays personal attention to candidates and show us our mistake and guide on how to avoid it. He gives good and practical tips to improve score. “


attended SAT Coaching

posted on 27 Mar, 2018

“Amazing experience with rajeev.I have learnt so many things from him.Thank you for your guidance and teachings. “


Reply by Rajeev

Thanks Nidhi, Congratulations for scoring 1550 out of 1600 in the new SAT.


– by Manisha Rathi
attended IELTS Coaching

posted on 27 Mar, 2018

“Fanatastic strategies, awesome teaching, give own 100% really helpful,very nice nature, he is very cooperative,never say no always motivate me. “


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 Name Course Score
Sonika Phagut IELTS General 8.5 (All tions above 7)
Hemant Mittal IELTSAcademic 8 (All Sections above 7)
Roshni (OnlineIELTS course from Mumbai) IELTS Academic 7 bands in her first attempt
Maninder (Online IELTS) IELTS General) 8 bands in first attempt
Yash Vaghani (Online IELTS Writing) IELTS General Overall 8.5 bands; Writing 8 Bands
Ashish Rai IELTS General 7.5 (All Sections above 7)
Rajneesh Bharadwaj IELTS General 7 (All sections above 7)
Simran IELTS(Academic) 8 (All sections above 7)
Gurpreet IELTS(General) 7 (All sections above 7)
Abhinav Khandelwal IELTS(General) 7 (All sections above 7)
Soumen IELTS(General) 7.5 (All Sections above 7)
Anil Sharma PTE 65 or above in all sections
Rohit PTE 65 or above in all sections
Nitin Bose PTE  (Online Course) 78 or above in all sections
Anup Nair GRE 310/340
Deepesh PTE 84+ in all sections
Vedant SAT 1450
Dhruv SAT 1480

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